Target Audience Research

Finding the right target audience for a distribution company is crucial to boost sales and to get good reviews on their film.

Finding a target audience for a film depends on two main demographics, age and gender and other factors such as interest and taste, such as thrill seeking and gore lovers.

The horror film target audience usually involves 15 -25 year olds as they are the age bracket which are more likely to enjoy thrills rather than older age bracket as they are the demographic which enjoy jumpscares and long scenes of suspense. They are also more likely to be attracted to violence and gore more than older audiences. The target audience is also aimed more towards more men than women as the common stereotype is that men prefer violence more than women. Although, this is a stereotype and women enjoy thrills and violence just as much as men (which is why I am not including gender in my target audience).

In result my target audience includes 15-25 year olds with no specific gender who have an interest in physcological horrors and plot twists. From now, I will now find people within my target audience age bracket for my qualitive research so I can find out what appeals and does not appeal to my target audience so I can improve and make neccessary changes to my piece.

Sources for my research:


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