Qualitative Research – Individual Interviews – The Book

After completing my first draft for ‘The Book’ I wanted to do some qualitative research by interviewing three members of my target audience to see what they liked and what they did not like in order to gain some constructive feedback which would help me improve my final piece.

For my qualitative research I interviewed three different media/film students who were all teenagers and within my target audience age bracket, therefore my primary audience.

Here is a link to another blog post with more information about target audiences and how and why I chose my target audience. Target Audience Research

I wanted to film other media/film students as this enabled me to get people’s opinions who already have some technical knowledge in filming and editing. I did this not only to maintain a balance as other members of my group already filmed non media/film students but also to hopefully achieve more technical constructive feedback involving, cinematography, editing, sound and mise-en-scene.

In each of my interviews I had a structure where I would first make them watch the film and then afterwards ask them to tell me anything that they liked and did not like or anything else they thought was worth mentioning. After this I would then move onto more structured questions (listed below). I asked every person these questions and in this order.

  • Who do you think the central character is?
  • Do you know why the child is harming/haunting the mother?
  • In your opinion, what component is the weakest in causing the most fear/ tension? (cinematography, mise en scene, editing, sound)
  • Do you find the ending suspenseful?
  • Could it be improved with sound?
  • If you were to improve the titles, how would you do so? What would you change?

After looking back at the interviews, I made notes on what I need to change and re-film.

  • Add more titles and put ‘directed by’ at the end.
  • The cause of the daughter’s death is not clear and sometimes it is hard to know why the daughter is haunting the mother  – need to film longer shots with the book and film more shots of a picture of the daughter with dates on it to show that she is dead. 
  • 22 seconds in – bad jump cut – needs another close up for a smoother transition.
  • Need to film more close ups of the book and the protagonist entering the house to make a smoother transition.
  • It is hard to know what type of horror it was – need to film another scene with protagonist crying after the first sight of the antagonist (the daughter).
  • There is a sudden change in colour pallet – need a smoother change – film more shots of her leaving the house.
  • The running shot is too long – needs a shot of her running in the house.
  • Bad creaking sounds – needs more natural stair creak

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