Plot and Opening Scenario – The Book

Whilst first thinking of an idea for our title piece I wanted to incorporate a method which has been used in the horror genre before in the TV show, Doctor Who, where when something is read, it later on becomes true. I saw this as a great way to integrate foreboding and suspense into our piece whilst also immersing the audience into the perspective of the protagonist.

To conform to the physiological horror theme we integrated the constructs of children and isolation and from our textual analysis of other physiological horror films we saw an over bearing theme of guilt and obsession. So to incorporate this whilst also having the constructs of children and isolation we came up with the idea of having a single grieving mother guilty of neglecting her child whilst it was in the bath, where it drowned,  who now has an obsessive disorder of always tidying her deceased child’s bedroom.

Whilst writing the plot I obeyed a structure which I found in my research (see picture below) to help me gain suspense and have a lack of confusion in my plot.


For example, I applied these 5 stages to my plot.

Stage 1: The protagonist is repeatedly tidying her deceased child’s bedroom – giving off information about the setting and protagonist’s obsessive behavior.

Stage 2: She finds the book and sees horrific drawings of a school burning down and decides not to question it.]

Stage 3: She finds a newspaper on the street and finds out a local school had burnt down and goes back to the book to see another drawing of a dead teacher whilst then finding out a teacher had been murdered.

Stage 4: She goes back to the book to find more drawings of a child approaching her.

Stage 5: This has recently been updated because we were intending on having a cliff hanger but have decided to have another scene showing that none of the events were real and that the protagonist was suffering a mental illness from her daughter’s death to conform to the psychological horror theme.

Below are pictures and links to the two documents of the plot and opening scenario for, ‘The Book’.

Plot and Opening Scenario – The Bookscreen-shot-2017-01-17-at-13-08-25

Plot – The Book



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