After Effects – Editing Titles Research

Below is an after effects tutorial I created to show my technical knowledge and understanding of after effects. I made it to to ensure I knew how to make titles in after effects and so it could serve as a video which I could show the rest of my team so they knew how they could do it to if I was too busy to show them myself.

This tutorial showed how to apply camera tracking to text so it could stay in a fixed position relative to the moving camera. I used old drone footage so I could explore and find different title styles to best suit our opening sequence.

After effects is a really intuitive piece of software which can raise the quality of any shot with titles and colour grading. I really wanted to apply camera tracking to improve my titles in my horror opening sequence but did not know how, so to learn how to do it, I watched a number of different tutorials on how to use After Effects and how to add camera tracking and create titles which stayed in one position.


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