Film Titles

In a title sequence there are many roles which need to be named ranking in highest to lowest importance until the end where the main roles and director are last as they are the most important. I thought it was important to know the order of the film titles as I will be making my own title sequence and want it to be professionally correct.

Film Titles in order.

  • Studio or Distribution Company
  • The production company
  • In association with so and so production company
  • A Director’s Name film
  • The Movie Starts
  • The Title
  • The Top Cast
  • Supporting Cast
  • The “With” Actor
  • The “And” Actor
  • Casting Director
  • Music Composer
  • Production Designer
  • Art Designer
  • Set Design
  • Costume Dresser
  • Hair/Make Up Artists
  • Sound recording
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Editor
  • Director of Photography
  • Executive Producer
  • Producer(s)
  • Story By
  • Written By
  • Directed By

Below is the title sequence of Seven and we can see that the actors and production company (most important) are first and then the other roles such as minor actors are in the middle (least important). However the last few tiles then increase importance with the writer and director again.


I believe it is important to break down and analyse the order of the titles as I can find out what order to put my titles in my title sequence to make the quality of my work even higher and professional.


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