Character Profile – The Dad – The Hunter

The dad was a character we thought we would use but never did as we were low on time during filming and we found out that the mum on her own still emphasised that the protagonist was alone and still kept to the story.

  • NAME: Dad
  • AGE: 45
  • OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: Grey hair, medium height with bags in his eyes.
  • DRESS (Style, colours): Smart formal wear in a long trench coat.
  • DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT: Controlling, perfectionist and self-conscious.
  • FAMILY – Wife and son.
  • Sees self as: Firm but fair.
  • Is seen by others as: Slightly scary but helpful.
  • Sense of humour: Has a small old fashioned sense of humour.
  • Temper: Easily aggravated and loud.
  • Basic nature: To run away and leave it for someone else to do.
  • Ambitions: To have a successful talented son.
  • Philosophy of life: To always work hard and achieve the best you can.
  • Choice of entertainments: Reading and watching TV
  • What trait will make character come alive?: Fear.
  • Why is character likeable? Smart and helpful.
  • Why is character loveable? Knows what’s best for people and is supportive towards others.

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