Familiarizing myself with Premiere Pro

I am very passionate about video editing and can spend hours on just one short scene and have used many different video editors such as Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro for many different types of films and have a lot of knowledge of how to edit from learning from a very young age but I  have never got the chance to use Premiere Pro.

Once I heard we were editing in Premiere Pro, I immediately familirized myself with the software so my final piece of film could be the best it possibly could be. To do this I watched various tutorials online outside of school and got some raw footage from my camera to improve my skills.

There was one aspect of editing I wanted to make sure that I knew the insides and outs of in Premiere and that was audio and audio effects. This is because suspense is mainly created by audio, not just the cinematography and plot. To make sure that I knew everything, I first watched some online tutorials and then took a range of everyday sounds to apply what I learnt. For example I learnt how to change whether the audio would play in the left stereo or the right stereo (shown below) to immerse the viewer into the video and to make my added sound effects be more realistic.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 22.22.44.png

I also learnt how to key frame audio to build volume and fade volume to create suspense and make audio not be cut of or start abruptly making it more comfortable and immersive for the viewer.





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