Character Profile – Protagonist

  • NAME: Max Taylor
  • AGE: 16
  • DRESS (Style, colors): Lazy, laid back. Chilling clothes. Grey jumper
  • DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT Brave, outgoing, adventurous.
  • SECONDARY CHARACTER TRAIT (contrast with dominant)
  • FAMILY – Mother and Father
  • Sees self as: Brave and outgoing
  • Is seen by others as: Scared and timid
  • Sense of humor: Has a large sense of humour
  • Temper: Calm and recollective
  • Basic nature: Afraid but intrigued
  • Ambitions: To impress his father and be better than everyone else.
  • Philosophy of life: Believes there is an afterlife and that nobody can be controlled.
  • Habits: Holding his left arm (covering his body)
  • Talents: Running.
  • Choice of entertainments: Playing games.
  • What trait will make character come alive?: His fear but bravery and outgoing trait.
  • Why is character likeable? He is funny and has a large sense of humour.
  • Why is character loveable? He is cute as he has a kind heart and likes spending time with his family.




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