Analysis of Suspense Sequences – Adrift

Adrift uses very good editing and great quality acting to create a dramatic, emotional and suspenseful film. At first the quality of acting between the children is very dry and can make the viewer feel uneasy in the wrong way as it looks unstaged and badly improvised as they are not completing their sentences and awkwardly talking over each waiting for the other to respond by firing questions at each other waiting for them to answer them showing a lack of improvisation. However when the father starts talking he shows a fast emotion of anger and hatred making a very dramatic and suspenseful sequence. This emotion is emphasised when there is a close up of the fathers face where we can see his jaw move widely and vessels enlarge.

Editing is very good as there are a lot of fluid match on action shots making the film realistic and immersive but the use of jump cuts between the father shouting and sitting quietly immersive way of physically displaying the father’s thoughts and what he wants to do compared to whats actually happening in reality. This creates suspense and a feeling of tension as the viewer is questioning if the protagonist will actually say these things out loud or not.

A large feeling of suspense is also created when the diegetic sound of people talking gradually gets louder and more high pitched. We can see it is annoying the father as he has a stern miserable expression which shows his anger and hatred towards the noise. This creates suspense as the noise gets louder and louder and we know from the long build up that the father is going to have an outburst of anger but we just don’t know when.

The father’s acting also builds suspense as he starts of quiet and calm but gradually gets louder with more angry facial expressions. The camera also suddenly zooms in when the father gets louder and his speech gets more insulting. This creates suspense as the viewer is getting more closer and more immersed towards a very anger and potentially violent man.


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