Analysis of Suspense Sequences – Beneath

Beneath uses a large array of camera shots, good editing, sound and acting to create a very immersive, fluid film which has a large sense of realism, suspense, tension mystery and a whole wave of sad emotions for the viewer.

At the beginning we have a close up shot of blood on a white dress which creates a large feeling of mystery as we do not know where the blood has come from or why it is there.  This mise-en scene of blood also creates tension as we know that there must have been an act of violence for it to get there.

The birds eye shots of the protagonist shows the character as vulnerable and weak and the mise-en scene of a distinct lack of scenery also has this effect as it shows that the protagonist is isolated and trapped making the viewer feel empathetic towards them building a quick connection between the viewer and the protagonist.

The mix of non diegetic and dietetic ambient sounds creates a perfect climbing tension and feeling of suspense in this film  The diegetic sound creates tension as from the camera being restricted to inside the box the viewer does not know where the sound is coming from or what the sound is.

The zooming out/panning shot also creates tension as we are slowly given more information. For example in the first shot, as it pans out, we can see the girls hands but we can still hear the violent shaking and banging sounds indicating the the protagonist is not alone and that the the noise must be coming from someone or something else creating a large sense of mystery and suspense. The non diegetic sound also creates a large feeling of suspense as it gradually increases tempo and volume.

The quality of acting is not amazing but it is not terrible. There could have been more loud and violent screaming as it would have invoked more emotions of pain and sadness on the viewer and created more feelings of empathy towards the protagonist. This reduces the amount of suspense in the film as there is a lack of emotion being inflicted on the viewer.



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