Preliminary Task Evaluation

For the preliminary task we had to create a short scene so our team came up with an idea of a suspected criminal being interviewed.

As we only had 35 minutes to complete this task, I spent 5 minutes creating quick notes of where the camera should be and a script so everybody knew what they were saying and the person holding the camera knew where to be. I did this as I knew 5 minutes of planning would be better than 10 minutes of not knowing what to do. It would also prevent frustration in the team and people would feel more confident knowing what they had to do. The plan also gave us reassurance that our piece included all the required shots.

To make sure I told the person holding the camera to rest the bottom of the iPad on top of  something steady. For instance for the shot reverse shots, I told him to rest the iPad on the chair and for the character who was talking to say all his lines at once. This was a strength in our piece as it meant we had less continuity errors. To also make sure my match on action shots were also without any continuity errors I did not stop a shot half way, I did the full shot twice.

Overall because we had a plan and good communication we finished the piece within the 35 minutes meeting the criteria. I do believe if we had more time we could have added more match on action shots and improve dialogue to make the scene less stale but to improve for our next task we should have a more detailed plan and make sure we can rehearse the scenes to avoid continuity errors and make sure the lighting is the same in every shot.






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