Hi my name is Adam, welcome to my site. Please browse the site as you wish. All my blog posts are in categories to make life that little bit easier.

But first let me tell you about myself, my name is Adam Tyrrell, I’m 16 and a keen film creator and video editor.

I love everything to do with media from how reality is expressed differently and how  film can have this whole different realm of emotion and adventure. Film making is an unexplainable passion of mine which always drives me to do the best that I can. When I create a film, I don’t rush, however much I want to show my friends and family what I’ve created, I never stop until it’s perfect. I can spend days just editing a small scene making sure that the colour grading is even, the cuts are sharp and the audio levels are clear.  I did not choose Media for GCSE and looking back that was my worst decision in all my academic years.

Photography, cinematography and video editing excites me and I love every single process of creating a film all the way from planning with a storyboard and assessing the risk assesments to long hours of video editing. Every aspect of film and media is exciting to me and its a chance for me to release all my creativity and make something entertaining for people to watch.

There is nothing more satisfying than somebody finding one of my films either funny, entertaining, scary, suspenseful and overall astonishing. If I make just one person show true emotion to watching my films, I know that I’ve succeeded in making a good one.

It is this passion that I believe will drive me to achieve the high grade I want at A-level and push me into my dream career of becoming a director for the BBC.



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